Development Update 15-01-2014 (Noctae Guard and Santos’ Raiders)

Hello Guys,

First of all, we hope you’re having a great start in 2014.
The team has been working on a lot of stuff in Black Talons and really pushing the production forward: adding levels and units, adding and polishing gameplay rules and new ship sections (in the mobile HQ, the Battlecruiser). We’re very happy with how the development is going, smoothly and according to plan. At least so far :)

Today we bring you two more minor factions of the game: the Noctae Guard and Santos’ Raiders.

The Noctae Guard are the elite soldiers of the Noctae Republic of planet Genai.

Having good relations with all the nearby planets, Noctae never spent too much on armed forces, keeping a highly trained small military force – the Noctae Guard – strong enough to garrison the planet.As a member of the United Space Federation, this was more than enough to ensure the planet security. But after the Gark War, the United Space Federation lost power and influence, and the stronger and more militarized worlds started preying on the weakest. When the Tzanar Union arrived in the system, it immediately launched an assault on Genai, overwhelming the Noctae Guard and the planet’s paramilitary forces by sheer numbers. The remaining units of the Noctae Guard are fighting an organized resistance against the Tzanar invaders.

Santos’ Raiders are an ex-USF unit led by Colonel Santos.

Colonel Carth Santos was the leader of the famous 245th Marine Corps stationed on the Epsilon sector. Respected and considered a tactical genius, Santos won countless victories for the United Space Federation. His extreme and ruthless tactics earned him the nickname “The Beast”, well known among both allies and foes. Ultimately Santos decided to leave the USF, and led his rogue army to the planet of Uver. The planetary defenses were no match for the Colonel, who appointed himself the new planetary governor. This situation caused some discomfort among the USF, but probably due to the Federation’s weakened state and countless emerging conflicts all around, no troops were ever sent to bring Santos to justice.

That’s it for now, more news coming soon!

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