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Camel 101 is not your average game development studio. We are an award-winning team of visionaries who pour our passion and creativity into every project we tackle. Our mission is simple: to craft immersive and entertaining experiences that captivate gamers around the world.

We've done it all, from crafting casual titles that keep players coming back for more, to developing tactical wargames that challenge even the most seasoned gamers, and creating heart-pounding horror adventures that leave players on the edge of their seats.

At Camel 101, we're not just creating games. We're crafting unforgettable experiences that will stay with players long after the final credits roll. Come join us on our journey to push the boundaries of game development and unlock the full potential of interactive entertainment.

We love playing games, making games and even talking about games. It's in our DNA.

If you have an idea for a special project, or if you need something gamified, get in touch. Our team has a solid background in engine and game development, we can probably help.
But who are we?

Meet the management!

Bruno Cesteiro
Bruno Cesteiro
Bruno is the tech expert.
He’s like these guys in the matrix that look at black screens with weird green symbols passing by.
Ricardo Cesteiro
Ricardo Cesteiro
Ricardo is a software engineer, but it’s said that he mostly bugs the team with deadlines and strange charts that only he understands.

Camel 101 proudly supports Safe In Our World, the mental health charity dedicated to gamers.


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