Gemini Wars – Fighter Squadrons

Hello everyone,

What are space battles or wargames without fighters, right?
In this video we are showcasing how we are dealing with fighter squadrons.

There are 3 Alliance cruisers, with basic rapid fire batteries (no upgrades), under attack by 6 squadrons of USF fighters.

The squadrons were launched by 6 carriers positioned at a long safe distance.
Each time a squadron is launched, an icon shows up on the top left corner of the GUI.
Clicking on that icon, the fighter squadron can be selected, and ordered as any other ship in the game.

The fighters can be ordered to dock on its carrier, or the carrier ordered to recall the fighters.
Fighter squadrons are quite powerful if the targeted ships are not equipped with rapid fire cannons. Without these defense guns, ships will be sitting ducks against fighters.
Large ships are simply too slow to be able to escape the maneuverability of individual fighters.

A good way to disable a large capital ship is to order several fighter squadrons to target the life support system of the enemy ship. Once the life support is disabled, the crew of the targeted ship will be neutralized, making the ship easy to board.

Each fighter squadron in this video has 16 fighters, so for 6 fighter squadrons there’s a total of 96 fighters in this attack.

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