Gemini Wars – Multiple star system maps

Hello everyone,

The time has come to show a new gameplay video.
We decided to show a bit how the game is structured and how the multi-system maps work.
Each mission of the game has its own briefing, where your Commander explains what’s going on in the campaign.
This part of the game happens in the control room, where you can check your briefing, current achievements and the galaxy news.
We left this part of the game out of the video… we don’t want to spoil everything. :)

Once the mission begins, the action starts.

Ingame cinematics show the star system where the mission is taking place; where the enemy is located (if intelligence has that information), and what the objectives are.

Once again, we had to choose one ingame cinematic that wouldn’t reveal much.

Note that the objectives window was also deleted on purpose in this mission.
For the readers that are unaware, there are two types of “maps” in Gemini Wars: single system maps and multi system maps.

In single system maps, there’s no “exit” from the star system, and by exit I mean a wormhole that connects one star system to another wormhole in another system.
(Stargate fans know what we mean)

So, in this video we’re showing a multi-system map which has 3 star systems.
You can see that the level of detail that we implemented works perfectly; we can zoom into ships, stations, structures, and see all the nice details, dynamic shadowing, asteroids, gas, etc.

We can change the active system by clicking on a star. The camera will jump right into it. We can also have a general view of the map by clicking on a button.

Each star system may have more than one wormhole, and so supporting more than 1 connection.

In the video you can see a stargate built in a wormhole. Stargates are massive structures that are quite expensive to build, but that hold a very high strategic value, since they open a door to another star system, which means more planets and resources.
We’re currently in the last phase of the game: adding voice overs everywhere. And without sounding biased, it’s sounding and looking awesome.

We were fortunate to be able to get some great actors playing in Gemini Wars; we even have one actor that played in some episodes of the Sopranos.

What’s left them to get the game out?

Balancing: we‘re still balancing the game; it’s quite big, that’s the reason it’s taking so long.
Some polishing (textures and sounds) and testing; multiplayer testing is also underway.

Be sure to check out the video below:

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