Gemini Wars – USF Destroyer

The Dauntless is the product of a five year joint development between the USF and Atlantic Tech.

Originally conceived as a light attack warship, the Dauntless project later changed its scope to answer the need for a multi role destroyer class ship.

The Dauntless was first battle tested during the Lucius incident.

When the planetary governor of Marxis IV declared martial law due to large scale uprisings, both Alliance and USF sent nearby fleets to assist their supporters.

The USF fleet had four newly commissioned Dauntless destroyers and a few lighter ships. When the fleet left hyperspace near Marxis IV, it was intercepted by Alliance ships.

While the lighter ships regrouped, the four destroyers faced the incoming ships head on. A few minutes later, half the Alliance fleet was destroyed, decimated by the power of the Dauntless’ Scorpion cannons.

The Alliance fleet tried to retreat, but was pursued by the USF destroyers and escort ships. One single Alliance ship escaped the skirmish. The USF fleet lost none.

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