Gemini Wars – Planetary bases

This post will be about planetary expansion and colonization.
Once the player has the technology to build colony ships, the real space expansion can start.

Gone will be the need to rely on outposts made of small space stations in orbit of planets.
With colony ships, entire cities can be built in planetary surfaces, or gigantic structures around gas giants, used to expand the empire throughout the galaxy.

These structures are very expensive to build, and can have several upgrades. For example they can be equipped with powerful defensive shields and weapons, or fighter squadrons.

Each structure is composed of several subsystems that can be targeted from orbit, and if the right subsystems are disabled, the attacker can then launch a marine ground force from his ships.

These planetary bases are of extreme importance, not only because they create a very tough defensive position, but also because they define the amount of capital ships available to build.
Having more planetary bases means having more capital ships 8-)

On these screenshots, we’re showing a planetary base on a barren planet, without upgrades.
Then on a medium upgrade level and full upgrade level.
In the fourth screenshot, we’re showing a base defending itself from attack:

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