PAX East 2020

2020 is the year that took us to our very first PAX East.
And what an experience it was!
We announced the release date for Those Who Remain on the first day, and got to meet a lot of awesome people coming in to the booth to try the game.

We were on the Wired Production’s booth, along with Deliver Us the MoonThe Falconeer and Avicii Invector

The booth

The four days were as busy as it can get. Demoing the game, explaining to players what’s it all about, doing interviews, etc
Things only started to calm down a bit at the end of the last day.
Luckily we had an amazing team by our side to support us. The Wired gang made sure that nothing was missing for the exhibiting devs – including coffee – while the One PR crew made sure  that all appointments and meetings where on schedule. It can be a daunting task to manage dozens of meetings in one single day.

The crowd

The demos and press meetings where in a separate area.
See a pair of glowing eyes on the right? We had our own cosplayer 🙂
(a shame the eyes weren’t blue though)

Demo area

Sometimes the players were so caught up with the game, that a scream was unavoidable when she appeared.
It’s what we like to call an immersive jumpscare.


Breaking the fourth wall

The show was a lot of work, it was loads of fun, and it was extremely gratifying, as we received amazing feedback from a lot of folks.
It’s also very exciting to discuss the subtleties of horror and its variations with other horror fans. We’re a weird but very united and imaginative bunch 🙂

The Falconeer and Deliver Us the Moon were on the opposite side of the stand. Always packed, everyone wanted to talk on the moon and ride on a falcon.

The calm before the storm (before the doors opened)

Props to the Wired Productions gang, who made everything possible; ONE PR Studio, who managed all the schedules and appointments and made sure we were always busy showing the game (and sometimes even gave us 2 minutes free for coffee), the super cool guys of KeokeN Interactive and the The Falconeer, the amazing volunteers who supported everyone in the booth, and of course, everyone who stopped by to play our games.

PAX East was a huge success. See you on the next one.
But before that… all roads lead to Dormont on May 15th!

Two Camels

The team (2 Camels and 2 One PRs missing)

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