Those Who Remain testing session

It’s vital to test a game at the proper time.
Not just to find bugs, but also to find out if the gameplay is fluid, if the puzzles are clear and if the experience is fun.
For us, the proper time to do these tests is during development. If something’s not good or clear, we can fix it right away.

So last week we headed to ETIC in Lisbon, to test Those Who Remain with the future game developers studying there.

We were able to identify what puzzles were clear and which weren’t, what parts where too difficult, and how long everyone took to finish the demo.
The feedback was great: you can get a lot of feedback just by watching people playing the game. In the end of the session we also got a lot of comments and suggestions on how to improve the overall experience.

Now it’s time to analyze and implement the feedback and prepare another gameplay session. This time with even more content in the game.

Thanks to ETIC for having us, to Ivan Barroso for organizing this session, and to the “HND: Animação e Videojogos” students for playing the game

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