Busy week

Game development involves a lot of stuff besides well, developing games.
Research, planning, marketing, networking, you name it.
This week for example:
On Tuesday and Wednesday we were on the “Lisbon Investment Summit”.
As the name says, the event is focused on investment. There are a lot of startups and investors participating, and it’s a great place for networking. Even if you don’t find investors actively interested in gaming, you might come up with something else: some new technology developed for a game, or out of a game. The opportunities are there. It’s a great event for networking.

On Friday we were on ETIC (Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação) in Lisbon. We were invited by Ivan Barroso to be part of the jury analyzing the student projects. It was great to be there, talk to future devs and try out their games. And there were quite a few pearls in the room. Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out in the future!

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