Win a Syndrome key with Rubber Chicken

We’ve partnered with the awesome folks at Rubber Chicken to offer 5 Syndrome keys. Perfect for the holidays, right? Check out the link below to see how to win one! (this one is for our Portuguese-speaking friends only)   Passatempo: Syndrome was in Comic Con Portugal interviewing the game developers in the gamedev area. Check out what these crazy folks have to say. (in Portuguese)

Orczz on “Indie Rush Bundle”

Orczz is on Indiegala’s “Indie Rush Bundle”! If you were looking to try it out, now’s the chance – Orczz and 11 other fine games: Go get it, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Syndrome available on GeForce NOW

We’re excited to announce that Syndrome is now available via GeForce NOW, as part of the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program! You can read all about it here:

Comic Con 2016

We're back from 3 super-exhausting but also super-exciting days at Comic Con Portugal. It's a huge event where we got the chance to show Syndrome to a lot of potential players and meet a lot (really a lot) of folks. And it's also one of the few places on Earth where an Imperial Stormtrooper or [...]

Indie Dome / Lisbon Games Week

We’re back from Lisbon Games Week in FIL, where we had the pleasure of showcasing Syndrome in Indie Dome alongside many other fine developers. We got great feedback from the players, and great energy from the other devs!  

Indie Games Play 7 Paris

We brought Syndrome to Indie Games Play 7 in Paris. Syndrome was nominated for the Indie Awards, so we were exhibiting at the La Marbrerie, along with a few other awesome devs. We didn't bring back any award, but we did show our game to a lot of folks.

Syndrome PC & Mac release

We're excited to announce that Syndrome has been released! And to celebrate the greatest event of all times... the launch trailer :) Linux version has been delayed but will be released soon. PS4 and Xbox One version arrives early 2017.

Syndrome – Release date

We've just released a new gameplay video. 13 minutes of Syndrome! And the release date has just become official: October 6 for Pc, Mac and Linux. Early 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Gamereactor interview at EGX Rezzed

We had a chat with the fine folks of Gamereactor at EGX Rezzed in London. Ricardo gave the answers while Boris played the game. You can watch the video above or check it all out in Gamereactor.  



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