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Last week we flew to Azores, more specifically, to the Terceira island.
We were invited by NerdAlert to showcase Those Who Remain there, so we start packing up!

The event took place in a really cool place – Angra do Heroísmo’s museum, which also has a direct entrance to a church.
Anyone that went there could be playing games, and then go through a corridor and see the computer history expo, the military history collection or visit the church (built in 1672).
Perfect place to have a gaming event, blending different forms of art and history.

There were tournaments, retro gaming, indiegames and industry talks.
We had a great time there, talking to the local folks and explaining what Those Who Remain.
Oh and the food. We also had a great time with the food.

Great place to visit – with our without gaming events 😎



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