EGX 2018 – A tale of an exhibition

This year we went to the largest gaming event in Birmingham – EGX.
Those Who Remain is ready to be shown to the public, so we decided to go.
We’d been to EGX Rezzed in London a couple of years ago, but this was our first time in EGX.
For those who don’t know, EGX is a different beast. EGX Rezzed is smaller, more intimate, more focused on indies. EGX has both AAA and indies, and a much bigger crowd.

Of course an exhibition wouldn’t be an exhibition without some hurdles, and ours started even before the show.
A couple of days before getting on the plane, I lost my voice. It was so hoarse, that I sounded like the Lich King. Not so cool as it sounds (pun intended).
After dozens of pills and many teas, I eventually recovered my voice by the second day of the event. But we had more problems!

We planned to bring two laptops, so that two players could play in our booth, and also to be sure that one of us could bring a laptop to meetings with publishers / investors, while the other stayed in the booth.
Unfortunately one of the laptops wasn’t charging, so we could either bring one laptop to the meetings and leave the booth with a powerless laptop, or head to the meetings with no laptop.
Leaving the booth with no laptop wasn’t an option, so the meetings had to be improvised with talking and smartphone. But in the end it went well!

The rest of the days went by nicely – we met a lot of cool folks (like our booth “neighbors” from Toronto) and got a ton of feedback from watching the players trying their luck in the game.
The feedback was awesome, and it got us even more energized to come back and polish the game further.

It’s only a shame that we couldn’t have any time to try out all the other indie games. But unfortunately that’s the story in most of the shows.
And this was our small adventure in our first EGX.

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