Weekly update 4/02/2016

Our first round of testing is taking place right now, and it’s been a success so far.
We gathered a small (but good) group of testers and collected important feedback from their playthroughs.
There were several bugs reports, but that didn’t come as a surprise, as we’re not in the “bug hunting” phase yet.
What’s important to us right now is to have the understanding of what the player feels about the game and the story.
And so far the feedback has been very good, with great suggestions from the testers.
We can’t wait to have the reports and completed surveys from everyone.

So everything is coming along fine and according to plan.
We’re now looking into character voice overs as some of the VOs currently ingame are still placeholders and some dialogs need some tweaks.
A new gameplay trailer is coming soon, so everything needs to look perfect, including voice acting :)

What do you think about the sleeping quarters? Cozy, right?


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