Gemini Wars skirmish update

Hey everyone,

We’ve been busy at the forge working on the skirmish mode of Gemini Wars.
With this addon, players will be able to generate random maps with some degree of configuration: number of planets, number of asteroids, number of available crystals, level of technology and the space background.
Building a random level generator is more complex that some might think, as all planet / asteroid distances have to work.

As you may know, jump distance in Gemini Wars is also connected to the technology level that the player has, so if the player starts with tech level 0, all space bodies near the construction ship need to have an accessible range, or else it’s game over as the ship can’t jump anywhere.

The same applies to the enemy, of course.

All of this has to be taken into account when generating a map; a playable map must obey a certain amount of rules, or else it’s just a random number of asteroids and planets spread around space.

Below we can see a random map consisting of 8 planets and 44 asteroid fields:


We’re also working on some faction specific details (the Gark will be a playable faction on the skirmish mode). Besides this, we’ve also been fixing minor bugs that pop up once in a while, and making small changes that players have been requesting, like the possibility to queue the construction of turrets. The current system isn’t too efficient if the player wants to build a large number of turrets.

Stay tuned for more news!

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