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Hello everyone,

We want to give you a quick update about what’s been happening lately in the universe of Gemini Wars.

We’ve shown a few shots of star systems, planets and gameplay but today we’re going to show how we have the multi-star systems working in the game.

Multi-star systems are shown in later missions of the campaign. As the player is assigned with more important and difficult missions, the gameplay area grows. Instead of fighting in one single system, the ships are now able to jump from one system to another.

This is done by connecting wormholes between different star systems.

Take a look at a screenshot from one mission of the campaign:


This is not how the player will see the game. We’re fortunate to be coders; we can see where the enemy is and where he’s going :-)
The player won’t be able to see where the enemy is, obviously.

There are 3 stars in this image: Imiga, Oshumi and Nxagu.
Each star has its own planets, asteroid fields, wormholes, etc. All of this is running smoothly without any loading or transitions.

Navigation between stars is done by zooming in on the star or clicking on it. The camera will automatically jump to that system, and place the camera in a strategic angle.

In the next screenshot, we zoomed in with the camera in a different angle:


As we zoom in on the systems, objects start to appear and the colored lines that show the wormhole connections fade out.
And as we zoom in even more, everything shows up in detail.
In this screenshot we can see a USF fleet orbiting a massive space station.


Next we’re going to show you a bit of how abilities work.

Battleships are large vessels; expensive but very powerful.
Depending on the technology that’s currently available, different modules can be installed in Batteships.
Each battleship has space for one module, and each module has its different purpose.

In the next screenshot, we can see the menu for selecting the module to be installed on the ship.


Each faction has different modules available, with specific abilities.
A module has a recharge rate until it can be used but when used – and depending on the situation – it can really decide the outcome of an engagement.

And last but not least, you may be aware that Gemini Wars is a highly driven campaign game, and as such we’re trying to narrate the story with as much detail as we can. And nothing better than cinematics to show what’s going on, right?

Here’s a screenshot of one of the cinematics, this one belongs to mission 10 of the campaign.
Of course we’re not going to tell you what’s going on, you’ll see when you get there :-)


And finally, here are some additional screenshots that were posted in our forums.

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