The other side – Part 2 of 3


So, yesterday we left with a preview of the first page on the first stage, the pencils.
Also, I briefly described the process for layout and pencils of the comic.

Today, we’ll focus a bit on the inks:


As you can see, the page has pretty much taken shape, and all that painful lack of detail has been overcome. All the little nuts and bolts have been added, and as I mentioned before, the basic drawing with a blue pencil tremendly helps to this latter part…
The reason for this is that it helps to keep the page clean, as there are always vestiges of any pencil on the paper when you erase something, but, the blue pencil doesn’t show up when you scan the lines in grayscale or black and white bitmap.

Which means a lot less cleaning up work in Photoshop getting the page ready for the colors.

As you may notice, unlike with what happens with standard black and white comic pages, there are no particular shadows in the objects or character… That is because that the coloring style that’s going to be used will actually not need them…


…But that’s another adventure.


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