The other side – Part 1 of 3


So, as it would seem, it’s my turn to butt in with my own little contribution to the Gemini Wars Universe.
As you might remember from the “Destructoid” interviews – -, there was a mention of a comic that’s supposed to give you an insight of the background for the main character that you’ll be following in the game.

And that’s where I step in.

When Bruno asked me to write/draw this short story I was exhilarated!Although I’ve been a professional artist for a quite a bit and the last part of it in comics and games, I’ve never actually had the chance to work with this type of universe as I’m a big sci-fi fan, with the lightsabers to prove it.

So, in the following days, I’ll be sharing with you a little taste of what’s to come. Down below, you can see the pencil work which is the first stage of a page (after the script, that is).
First, a few thumbnails of the page are sketched, just to put your ideas straight and figure out where goes what. Then, with a blue pencil the page is sketched out roughly – the blue pencil will be very important on the later parts of the page drawing, but I’ll go into that tomorrow -, followed with a much more polished and clean pencil linework of the details that you wish.

You may notice that the page sorely lacks an overall sense of detail, which isn’t that much of a standard with pencils but, that’s due to my own methods. Since the whole page-making process will be done by me, I’ll add the details on the following steps for two simple reasons:

1 – There isn’t a need to “explain” to another artist what he has to do in his specific follow-up work of the page (wether it be inking, coloring, or whatnot).

2 – Having said reason number 1, it’s useless to do the overall work twice – once with the pencils, twice with the inkings. So in the spirit of time saving atitude, in the inks, a good part of it is drawed freehand (don’t try this at home, kids!)

And tomorrow, Part 2!


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