Beneath: Weapons and workbenches

Quinn’s underwater adventure throws a mix of challenges his way. Some require cunning wit, but others demand a more direct approach: blunt force.

Luckily for Quinn, there are a lot of weapons in the complex of underwater stations where the action unfolds. While some guns maybe be rare and difficult to locate, even the standard-issue gear of fallen foes can bolster your arsenal.

You can upgrade your weapons at workbenches strategically positioned in key locations.

By collecting sufficient weapon parts scattered throughout the stations, you can create upgrades to improve their effectiveness. It’s not necessary to craft upgrades for each individual weapon; instead, upgrades apply to entire weapon classes. For instance, crafting a high-capacity magazine for assault rifles grants the upgrade to all three assault rifles featured in the game.

Although this is definitely a great help for Quinn, the use of workbenches extends beyond weapon upgrades.

Coating kits, scattered throughout the stations, offer another avenue for enhancement. These kits allow you to unlock various weapon coatings, enabling you to select the one that best aligns with your preferred style.

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