Beneath: Enemy soldiers get an explosive upgrade.

Descending into the abyss of Beneath, Quinn, the main character, faces a terrifying duality of foes. Not only do monstrous denizens of the deep lurk in the darkness, but also cunning human adversaries. Each presents a unique challenge, demanding players to adapt their strategies for survival.

The otherworldly beings are formidable opponents, their very nature a testament to the raw power and resilience that dwells beneath the waves. They are likely to be brutes, testing Quinn’s strength and combat prowess. However, the true tactical complexity lies with the human soldiers. These foes are not mindless attackers. They operate as a cohesive unit, employing flanking maneuvers to outsmart and surround Quinn. This creates a more realistic and engaging experience, forcing players to abandon static defenses and adapt to enemy tactics. Here, survival hinges on constant movement and dynamic adaptation.

To further raise the stakes, the soldiers come equipped with more than just bullets. We’re implementing the use of grenades, adding a layer of tension to the combat. Sticking around in one spot for too long becomes a death sentence as the soldiers will rain explosives down on your position. This forces players to think on their feet, constantly reassessing their cover and formulating new strategies to evade enemy fire and the deadly threat of grenades.

Beneath the surface, both the monstrous and the human pose a constant threat. Remember, staying still spells doom. Keep moving, adapt your tactics, and master the art of evasion to survive the horrors that lurk in the depths of Beneath.

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