Gamescom 2019

August is synonym for one of the biggest shows in the world to anyone in the industry.
Thousands of gamers and game developers flock to Köln in Germany to see what’s going on in the industry, find new partners, business opportunities, etc.

We were there too, to showcase Those Who Remain in a private area.
Everything was organized by our publishing partner Wired Productions, and we have to say that everything was top notch: the space, decoration, schedules and general organization – everything was working perfectly. Kudos to Wired for arranging such a beautiful place for the showcased games.

It’s quite different to exhibit in a private space instead of the general public area.
Exhibiting in the general public area is more chaotic, many times we have to speak to several people at once, all the while checking by the corner of the eye if some player needs help with something. There’s constant noise all around, which means sometimes we have to scream to actually communicate with someone. Like a club, yeah.
A private area is more chill, and allows us to have a normal dialog with whoever is checking out the game.

Reception was excellent – everyone had a fun (but scary) time trying the demo, and left the booth wanting to know more.

The booth had other devs there. Amazing teams making amazing games: Close to the Sun, Deliver us the Moon, The Falconeer and Martha is Dead.

We were so busy that we couldn’t even see the main expo floors. But I guess that’s good, right? 🙂

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