GDC 2019 recap

I’ve seen several folks saying this year’s GDC was the best edition ever.
For us, it definitely was, as we had a full schedule with Indie Megabooth, The Mix and Game Connection.

We exhibited on Indie Megabooth on Monday and Tuesday. The exhibition area was great. Spacious, comfortable with plenty of space to move around and sit.
The organization was awesome –  there was always someone there to help or provide any assistance we needed.
It was packed with folks checking out the games, so we got the chance to talk and meet a lot of cool people.

On Monday night we headed to the Mix, which was taking place 10 minutes from GDC.
The place was smaller and much more crowded, and we were placed in what was possibly the worst spot in the building, but we still made it worth.
It’s hard exhibiting 4 hours at night after exhibiting 8 hours during the day, but that’s what we were there for. We ended up meeting some press and industry folks.

Game Connection filled our schedule for the next days.
Those Who Remain was nominated for 6 categories, but unfortunately we didn’t get any award. Congrats to the winners!
What we did get was a lot of meetings through the Game Connection meeting app, and we were able to show the game to several publishers and investors that might be able to help with the release.

And then there was the Expo. The Moscone Center has been upgraded, and the expo area is now huge. It’s always great to check out the new equipment, releases and announcements at ground zero.
Great show – we’ll be back for GDC 2020.

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