Two things always happen in Lisbon in September: thousands of people are energetically (kind of) coming back to work from vacations, and horror fans everywhere flock to MOTELX, the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival.
Horror fans as we are, we always attend the festival to watch a few movies.
It’s a great place to find hidden gems that are otherwise very hard to even know off.
4 days of horror, weird and fantasy movies and a few other events all over Lisbon.


This year, MOTELX expanded into gaming, and made the first “Horror Game Jam”, in partnership with Universidade Lusófona.
Really cool idea. Even cooler was that I was invited to be part of the jury.
How could I say no to two things I love? Horror and games? 🙂

Five excellent games made in 48 hours. Each one very different from the other: different styles, different approaches and different results.
It was really difficult to chose a winner. I was inclined for one, then for another, and then I was really unsure as what to chose.
The other member of the jury was so unsure as I was, but after a short but decisive debate, we agreed who should be the winner: “The Cursed Potato”.
Another great edition of MOTELX, even greater now with the addition of videogames.


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Game developer, free thinker and amateur kickboxer. Co-owner & Producer @ Camel 101


  • Hot Tuna on September 10, 2018

    It’s a great event in Lisbon, not only for movie lovers, but horror fans in general.
    Awesome that you guys were there.

    • jaket on September 15, 2018

      It really is 🙂
      Unfortunately many great horror movies go under the radar. MOTELX is a great place to find some of these unknown titles.

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