“Temporary Ponds” kids games

Our work usually involves monsters, guns or spaceships (or all of these combined), but we do other stuff too. Really, we do!
We’ve been working on a really cool project for Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN), the oldest Portuguese environmental association, created in 1948 with the main goal to protect the environment in the Iberian Peninsula.

LPN focuses in contributing to nature conservation through several activities, such as: Environmental Education and Training, Direct Intervention in Environmental Issues and development/implementation of Conservation and Research Projects.
You can check their website here: https://www.lpn.pt

So what did we do for LPN?
We created two learning games for kids, that teach and explain what “Temporary Ponds” are. You can read more about it here: http://www.lifecharcos.lpn.pt/

And you can check the games here: https://bit.ly/2yOUsD1

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