Weekly update 29/01/2016

We’re starting our closed testing run for Syndrome soon. As such, we’ve been dividing our efforts in adding new content and polishing the game experience (mostly in the initial sections). Although there are still placeholder items and some dialogs are still missing, we feel that the game is in a good state to be played [...]

Weekly update 21/01/2016

A lot of folks have been wondering if there is any combat in Syndrome. The answer is yes, there is. The player’s choices aren’t limited to running or hiding. It might not always be the best option, but there’s always the option of fighting back. There are melee and long range weapons. Melee won’t work [...]

Weekly update 14/01/2016

In a few months, we’ll be releasing Syndrome. We’ve been working hard and passionately to make it everything that we want it to be: a true survival horror game with some action, but not too much that it can be considered a shooter. Most of the levels are ingame and functional, but still without the [...]


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