Santos Raiders Faction Featurette

It's featurette day again! Today we bring you the sixth trailer, featuring the Santos Raiders, an Ex-Marine unit led by the infamous Colonel Carth Santos. Equipped with advanced weaponry and employing ruthless tactics, the Raiders are anĀ unstoppable force on the ground.

Eternal Life Cult Faction Featurette

We missed our Tuesday featurette trailer day, as we released a gameplay video instead. So today, we bring you the fifth featurette trailer, featuring the religious zealots of the Eternal Life Cult. The cultists are currently fighting against the R.G.C. for the control of planet Thora.

Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons Gameplay video

We would usually release a faction Featurette trailer today, but we're bringing something different. A lot of folks have asked for gameplay videos to see how the game works exactly so, here it is. You can check it out below, with audio commentary from one of the team members:

Northstar Legion Faction Featurette

The third featurette trailer has arrived, featuring the Northstar Legion. Pirates, deserters, cut-throats and mercenaries - everyone can join the Legion, as long as he or she is willing to fight. Coming from planet Abrios, we present you the Northstar Legion:


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