Development Update 09-05-2014 (Planet Thulkan)

Hey Guys! In today’s post, we want to talk about the environments in Black Talons. As you (may) already know , there are five planets on the Oberon system, each with its own environment and characteristics. The first that we’re covering is Thulkan, jungle planet home to House Leonis, the last noble house in the [...]

Development Update 05-06-2014 (Planet Uver)

Hello Guys! In our last post we covered planet Thulkan, one of the five planets where the action takes place in “Black Talons”. Today we’re covering the ice planet Uver, home of the ULA (Uver Liberation Army) and the Santos’ Raiders. Uver once belonged to a powerful noble house of Oberon system – House Nuxos. The [...]

Development Update 02-05-2014

Hey Guys, It’s been a while since our last “Black Talons” development update. We’ve been working 200% on the game: adding content, polishing and fixing bugs. The game has made a gigantic leap since the beginning of the year – all content added, we’re now polishing and perfecting everything to create the experience that we [...]

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