Black Talons – Kickstarter update 4 (The Battlecruiser HQ)

Hello Guys! In today’s post we’ll be detailing an important part of the game. A place where you’ll be spending some time! The Black Talons are stationed aboard an old Vindicator class Battlecruiser. The ship serves as a mobile base of operations for the company. This is where the player manages his troops, ship and [...]

Black Talons – Kickstarter update 3 (Infantry roles and classes)

Hello everyone, The project description already sheds a light about infantry units, but we want to cover it in more detail. As you already know, units are persistent and advance from mission to mission, earning valuable experience that allows them to level up and learn special abilities and power ups. The Black Talons infantry units [...]

Black Talons – Kickstarter update 2 (cover system)

Hello everyone! We’ve posted the second update on Kickstarter. You can check it here: In the second update, we want to show how the cover system works. There have been a lot of questions about this, so we hope that the video answers the questions In the first part of the video, two squads [...]

Black Talons – Kickstarter update 1 (bullet time)

We’ve posted the first update on Kickstarter. You can check it here: “We’ve received good feedback and very interesting questions about the tactical depth in the game, so in our first update, we’re showing you how battles can be planned and executed in Black Talons. One of the features that we love ourselves is [...]

Black Talons on Kickstarter

Black Talons is now on Kickstarter! We’re running a campaign to fund the development of the game with the levels of excellency that we’re aiming to achieve. If you want to support us, or if you just want to follow the developments and updates, then be sure to check out the page:


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