“Natural” disasters

Hello everyone, I’m going to talk a bit about a catastrophic effect that we have in Gemini Wars, which can be seen in the screenshots taken in sequence. The animation is quite slow, to give a really realistic look. I won’t say why we need this in the game (no spoilers), but we do. Before [...]


We're very happy to announce the release of our new title - Orczz. Orczz places the player in control of the Knights of the Order of the Mug - the protectors of the Kingdom of Whiteleaf and its delicious honey wine, the mead. All was quiet and peaceful in Whiteleaf until now, when an orc [...]

Gemini Wars – USF Destroyer

The Dauntless is the product of a five year joint development between the USF and Atlantic Tech. Originally conceived as a light attack warship, the Dauntless project later changed its scope to answer the need for a multi role destroyer class ship. The Dauntless was first battle tested during the Lucius incident. When the planetary [...]

Gemini Wars comic

In the meantime, the comic that will ship with the game has been completed by the great Filipe Teixeira. We ordered a test print to check out the quality of the printing, the main colors and effects. Well the result is awesome! Now we just need to finish the polishing on the comic and complete [...]


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