The Other Side – Part 3 of 3

…So this brings me to the conclusion. With so many gamers being avid comics and animation fans, and with all the other Collector’s Editions artwork material from gaming powerhouses having such high levels of quality, I knew that the comic would have to step up it’s game and had to be the most dynamic comic [...]

The other side – Part 2 of 3

Howdy! So, yesterday we left with a preview of the first page on the first stage, the pencils. Also, I briefly described the process for layout and pencils of the comic. Today, we’ll focus a bit on the inks: As you can see, the page has pretty much taken shape, and all that painful lack [...]

The other side – Part 1 of 3

Hi! So, as it would seem, it’s my turn to butt in with my own little contribution to the Gemini Wars Universe. As you might remember from the “Destructoid” interviews - -, there was a mention of a comic that’s supposed to give you an insight of the background for the main character that [...]



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