In our last post, we talked briefly about how we’re implementing multiple star systems in GW. Multiple star systems will be seen in more advanced missions of the campaign, and fully customizable on skirmish mode. We believe that playing with multiple star systems will actually make GW a different game, closer to the gameplay of [...]

Multiple systems

We’ve been working for a while in incorporating multiple systems in the game. The multiple system maps will most likely appear in the more advanced missions in the campaign. This can be customized in skirmish and multiplayer mode, though. What we are showing here, is a map with 5 star systems, with each system containing [...]

Camel 101 and Gemini Wars on Destructoid

Hey everyone, Check out the articles on Destructoid about Camel 101: http://www.destructoid.com/the-story-behind-gemini-wars-developer-camel-101-194327.phtml ..and about Gemini Wars: http://www.destructoid.com/you-are-not-ready-for-gemini-wars-194255.phtml

Assault dropship

Hello everyone, Today we’re going to show the USF assault dropship AD-5X “Atlas”. Assault dropships are mainly used by marines. To check out the marines, take a look at the previous post. Dropships are not carried by all ships; only certain classes of capital ships have detachments of marines on board, ready to strike. The [...]

Captain Magnus

Captain Thane Magnus is the CO of the 1st Company, 3th Marine Regiment, 88th USF Marine Division. A veteran of battles in all kinds of environments, he leads the elite of the 3rd Regiment. Specialized in high risk boarding operations, Magnus’ team is called when failure is not an option.


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