I actually think people enjoy spaceships and combats in the stars and with that in mind, i took a quick video , just showing 2 task forces engaging each other. As you will see, Battleships can make a huge difference in the balance of a fleet. There’s one fleet, made up of 2 Battleships, 6 [...]

“Film Noir” adventure

Hi everyone, We don’t want you thinking that this blog is only about spaceships and battles on the stars, so here’s a little something of another project we’re working on: Cheers


Behold ! The Destroyer class, the backbone of the fleet. Destroyers have a strong armor, they are equipped with quite a large amount of weapons, and a group of 5 or 6 Destroyers can stand against a Battleship, and even take it down. Destroyers are quite common in all fleets, and can be seen patrolling [...]

Missile Frigate

The missile frigate, is a small fast attack vessel, packed with missiles that can attack enemy ships from longer distances. Although it can punch massive damage , this ship should be considered a support vessel, as it doesn't have the same armor or the shields to go head to head with bigger ships.


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