Indiedome / Lisboa Games Week kickoff

Lisboa Games Week, the biggest gaming event in the country, starts tomorrow.
More than 50000 visitors are expected to visit the show between Thursday and Sunday.

We’ll be there too, of course!
More specifically, in the Indie Dome area, where more than 50 games will be on display (both national and international).
All of them great games selected by the Rubber Chicken team (we hope we have the time to try all of them).

We’ll be there showing our latest project. It’s the first public presentation, so it’s going to be a really exciting event for us.
You got that right, the crazy image above is a screenshot from the game. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the story. It’s a completely different game from anything we’ve done before, both story and gameplay wise.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Come and see us and Lisboa Games Week 🙂

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