In a few months, we’ll be releasing Syndrome.

We’ve been working hard and passionately to make it everything that we want it to be: a true survival horror game with some action, but not too much that it can be considered a shooter.

Most of the levels are ingame and functional, but still without the level of detail that we want them to have. The game takes place inside a spaceship where a lot of people live. We want the environment to transmit that idea, and we can’t have that with rooms full of boxes and barrels.

You can see below some of the rooms that we’re currently working on (living areas, labs, observatories, corridors, etc).

During the last week we also made a call for testers. It was a success, thanks to reddit!

We’ve gathered a good number of testers, which should receive the game during next month.
We don’t want folks to beta test the game for us. What we want is to gather opinions about the pacing, story, difficulty, etc. General information that can be very useful for us to polish the game to perfection :)

Without further ado, check out the latest screenshots below:







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