During the past weekend, we were in the second edition of Comic Con Portugal.
Last year was great, but this year was even better. Over 50k people were in the expo, in the biggest convention of its kind in the country.
We were there with 24 other dev studios, representing the Portuguese game dev scene.

After 3 full days we could barely feel our feet anymore, but we had a great time with the other devs. There were great games exhibited there: some born from game jams that later evolved into full projects, others already well known and some others testing new technologies. Amazing stuff!

But the best part was showing Syndrome to the public.
We got amazing feedback from watching folks play, and useful suggestions from both the public and fellow devs.
The reception was really good, but we’re now going to use all the feedback that we got, to make it even better next time – probably at EGX Rezzed :)


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