During the Campaign, the player will meet and interact with several characters.
This is General Roarke, the USF commanding officer in the Gemini Sector.

A career officer obsessed  with the USF,  who wants to see the whole  Alliance dead, no matter what. He’s been through quite a lot in his life, and we can see that in his face.
In the beginning of his career as a commanding officer in a class Destroyer ship, he was injured in his face and lost his eye, but thanks to biotechnology he gained a new one.

He’s not the kind of guy I would like to meet in a dark alley at night :)

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4 Responses to “General Roarke”

  • Timmah! says:

    Hi there,

    he looks really terrifying :) I look forward to your game, it looks interesting, its certainly my “cup of tea”. I already spread the word about it on the Sins of a Solar Empire message board to bring it into attention of other fellow soase players.
    I wonder how would you compare your game to others in the genre? Its more like Sins, or Conquest Frontier Wars, or Homeworld? Nexus, ORB, Haegemonia, Star Trek Armadas? Star Command Revolution?
    I played or tried most of them, so i would know :P
    One more thing i would like to suggest:
    change the game screenshots on the official site, they are not giving you enough credit, as they do not look as good as those gameplay videos on this blog. BTW though your GUI is nice, i think “less is more” approach is the best in this case, meaning the interface should be as minimalistic as it could. Like in first Homeworld, there was virtually no GUI on the main gameplay screen.

  • BigB says:

    Thanks Timmah for spreading the word, we really need that at this stage :)
    How would I compare the game to those you mentioned.., let me see, that’s a hard one.
    Gameplay in regards to planets it’s similar to Sins, you have your bases or mining structures in orbit, and your ships move from place to place at Sins style, but our ships need to recharge their drivers before jumping again, which opens an entirely new strategy when you perform an attack, you already know you will be stuck at your destiny for a while.
    Combat is more fast paced than Sins, I would say combat is more like Supreme Commander, Storyline is full of cinematics and dialogs, so I would say it’s a bit more like Homeworld.
    We should post a gameplay video soon, to show how the gameplay works, those gameplay videos that we have online are over 1 year old, they are completely outdated.
    You think the shots are horrible ? lol , Well, we should change them then, hehe
    Thanks again mate

  • Timmah! says:

    Hi, thanks for your answer…it certainly sounds good, especially the part about the faster paced game compared to Sins, which could be sometimes far too much slow for my liking. I am more of a RTS than 4X guy, on other hand classic RTS without bit more complex management seem to shallow to me. Sins is almost perfect in this regard, Conquest Frontier Wars was perhaps even better. Anyway what i like is the grand-scale epicness of these games, so i hope ill find this in Gemini Wars.
    Regarding those screens, i hope i did not offend you. I do not think they are horrible, they just seem like random ingame screenshots, not beautyshots you want to impress people with. I am not saying you should be faking something in PhotoShop. In the end judging by those vids you have a good looking graphics engine with some nice lightning…the ships seem to have “weight”, sins looks sometimes 2Dish or cartoonish compared to your game (its 3 years old after all :D) You just need to present it with some massive fleet battles pictures, starbase construction or some capital ship detail like the small carrier picture on this blog. I do not think there was any jawdropping spacecraft on those screens, and that is a must! That would be all :)
    Oh, i just wrote too much again, sorry for spamming your blog :) Anyway good luck with the development, i cannot wait already. Ill keep close eye on your news and perhaps update my thread on Sins forums to keep people there informed. If you dont mind.

  • BigB says:

    No offense taken :) They are indeed random screenshots. We will update this soon with closer shots of the capital ships, and battle cam shots.
    Btw, I don’t believe Sins look is that outdated :P Mainly because that look was done by design choice, not technology choice(probably the same design decision went into Elemental). The game did not push the hardware at the time, so it can be played by a big number of players, as not everyone has high-end cards. If Brad Wardell is right, hard-core players are not even the ones paying for the games, so why bother ? :P
    Anyways, we will take a diferent approach from this, and I hope we aren’t making a mistake.

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