We were invited to be present at SINFO 2016, one of the biggest tech conferences in Portugal.
SINFO takes place in the Campus of Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon.
Thursday was the game development day, so we brought Syndrome to the Campus, to see if we could induce a few scares there.


There were indeed a lot of scares there, which means the game is having the desired effect.
Also great player feedback and of course, some pesky bugs that only show up when the game is displayed in public.

Oscar Clark from Unity gave a lecture during the afternoon, so almost nobody came to try the game at the time.


Or maybe it was because of the sunlight: the event was taking place inside a huge tent, and our stand was facing the sun, so for a couple of hours Syndrome looked like this:

blackHint: playing a survival horror game in a super bright place is not a good idea

The sun eventually moved and the place got a bit darker. The darkness brought the players out!

IMG_3876There were other game developers at SINFO of course. As always, it was a great mood and atmosphere between everyone present.

IMG_3901We had a great time, and got the chance to show Syndrome to the public one more time. It’s good to have player feedback, but it’s really interesting and super important watching folks play the game.
Thanks SINFO for the invite!


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