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We’re starting our closed testing run for Syndrome soon.
As such, we’ve been dividing our efforts in adding new content and polishing the game experience (mostly in the initial sections).
Although there are still placeholder items and some dialogs are still missing, we feel that the game is in a good state to be played and tested.

(if you’re one of the testers – expect an email from us in the next days :) )

We cannot stress how important it is to gather feedback from players during the development process. We have our own vision of what the game should be of course, but ultimately we’re making this game for the players, and it’s them who can help us shape this project into a great experience.

Aside from preparing the test build, we’ve been adding sounds to the game.
For those of you that don’t know, Syndrome takes place inside a spaceship, the Valkenburg. Since this is a horror game, sound has to be awesome or else the level of immersion that we want just won’t be there.

The guys at Bigmoon Entertainment are helping us out with the sound, and doing a great job at it.
It’s really interesting to implement sounds in this type of game.
For example, if the player is walking through a dark corridor and sees some lights blinking in the distance, he’ll wonder what’s up there. But if the right tune comes up at the right time, the player will be completely focused in what’s going to happen.

Although we are playing some tunes in specific places, we are avoiding “regular music”. We don’t feel that it works here. What we are using is soundscapes with small discreet tunes.
At the moment we have 3 sound layers: one with ambient sound, which is basically the sound of void in a ship, another with ambient stingers that play at random timed intervals, and layer 3, well… this one we can’t specify :)
Besides these layers we also have triggers connected to the environment or to the player’s actions. These triggers can blend a specific tune with layer 2, so that it all feels very smooth.

Well, text-only posts are boring, so check out some new screenshots below:












A lot of folks have been wondering if there is any combat in Syndrome. The answer is yes, there is.
The player’s choices aren’t limited to running or hiding. It might not always be the best option, but there’s always the option of fighting back.

There are melee and long range weapons. Melee won’t work in many situations (hard to fight back against a group of enemies, or against fast creatures), but as long as there is ammo available, the player can always shoot.
Ammo is very scarce and a precious thing to find. The player needs to scavenge the ship, search dead bodies, look inside closets and drawers, etc.
If you need an incentive to explore the ship, this is it :)!

So in this video, we’re showing an encounter with a creature that has a cloaking device.
This is still very much work in progress: there are some sounds missing, props scattered around, etc. Some others are still place holders.

So back to the creature – luckily we are the devs, and we have no problems with ammo :) We’re shooting like crazy until he falls down.

We are still wondering if cloaked enemies should emit sounds (grunts) while cloaked or not. Should they be completely silent? What do you think?

In a few months, we’ll be releasing Syndrome.

We’ve been working hard and passionately to make it everything that we want it to be: a true survival horror game with some action, but not too much that it can be considered a shooter.

Most of the levels are ingame and functional, but still without the level of detail that we want them to have. The game takes place inside a spaceship where a lot of people live. We want the environment to transmit that idea, and we can’t have that with rooms full of boxes and barrels.

You can see below some of the rooms that we’re currently working on (living areas, labs, observatories, corridors, etc).

During the last week we also made a call for testers. It was a success, thanks to reddit!

We’ve gathered a good number of testers, which should receive the game during next month.
We don’t want folks to beta test the game for us. What we want is to gather opinions about the pacing, story, difficulty, etc. General information that can be very useful for us to polish the game to perfection :)

Without further ado, check out the latest screenshots below: