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Hey Guys,

We’ve been (extremely) busy polishing the game and testing and polishing and balancing and polishing, and we have great stuff to show very soon!

In the meantime, have a look at two of the minor factions of the game:
The RGC (Revati Global Corporation) Tech-Guards and the Eternal Life Cultists.

The Tech-Guards are advanced soldiers boasting expensive equipment and implants. Some say that they’re already more machine than human.
The Eternal Life Cultists are religious fanatics that fight with righteous fury, stopping at nothing in the name of their fate.
Both are fighting for the control of planet Thora.

One of them can be your ally. The other will be your enemy. Who will you support?
In the first two images, a Tech-Guard squad. Below, a Cultist squad and a groups of Cultists.

We can’t say the exact release date, but it’s coming out in November :)

RGC Tech-Guards

Revati Tech-Guards

Eternal Life Cultists

Eternal Life Cultists