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Hello everyone,

We just got back from Gamescom, our first time there. It was a long trip, but we had a lot of fun. Besides meeting fellow developers and checking the insanity of the AAA booths, there was also the excitement of checking Mechs & Mercs displayed on Kalypso’s public booth.
There were always a lot of folks around there checking the games, so a lot of people got to see and try the game.





We were told that it gets crazy in the weekend, when most of the people shows up. We didn’t actually saw it because we left on Friday, but it’s hard to imagine it getting crazier than this:
(sometimes it looks like the subway on rush hour)


Also, great cosplayers there. Great stuff:



It was a great show and a great experience.
Can’t wait for the next!

“Celebrate theĀ games!”