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Today we spent the whole day at the Microsoft Game Dev Camp.
I must say that we had a great time there!
Kudos for Microsoft for hosting this event.

We had the chance to meet great people and find out about exciting projects being developed in Portugal.
It’s really inspiring to meet new teams and see how the industry is growing step by step in this corner of the world.
Unfortunately there aren’t many game dev events in Portugal, so it’s always exciting when something like this takes place.

The sessions were very cool, with the speakers giving insights about different areas: Development, Game Design, Visual Arts, Go Big (marketing, tactics and production) and Inspire.

We also showed “Mechs & Mercs” on the demo area, and the reception was really good! It’s very useful to get feedback from fellow developers.

And finally, it’s great to see the support that Microsoft is giving to indie development.
We can’t wait to publish our first title on the next-gen consoles :)

- Ricardo Cesteiro