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Hello Guys!

In our last post we covered planet Thulkan, one of the five planets where the action takes place in “Black Talons”.

Today we’re covering the ice planet Uver, home of the ULA (Uver Liberation Army) and the Santos’ Raiders.

Uver once belonged to a powerful noble house of Oberon system – House Nuxos.┬áThe financial and military decay of House Nuxos eventually led to a rebellion that ended with the nobles murdered in the capital city.
Since that day, there has never been peace on Uver.

The war of the seven began, opposing seven powerful warlords fighting for the supremacy of the planet.
The conflict only came to an end when Colonel Santos arrived with his regiment, defeating the weakened armies of the warlords.
The warlords have called a truce between them, and are now united against Santos and his occupying force.

Uver is covered with ice from the poles to the hemispheres, with temperatures ranging from cold to instant freezing. The warmer areas are also the most disputed, with constant battles opposing the ULA and Santos’ raiders.
Below some shots of the frozen plains of Uver:


White plains is pretty much the usual sight for all Uverians. Luckily there are a lot of explosions to bring some color to their dull planet.

- Ricardo Cesteiro