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Hey Guys!

In today’s post, we want to talk about the environments in Black Talons.
As you (may) already know , there are five planets on the Oberon system, each with its own environment and characteristics.

The first that we’re covering is Thulkan, jungle planet home to House Leonis, the last noble house in the system.
Thulkan is a moist planet, full of rivers and swamps. It’s said that the vegetation on Thulkan grows so quickly and so agressively, that and outpost can disappear in 24 hours if left unattended, swallowed by bushes and trees.
This makes construction and expansion very difficult on the planet, but brings a great advantage for anyone trying to stay out of sight (provided he can survive in the harsh jungles).

The dense vegetation can be used by infantry, as it provides basic cover and concealment. Unfortunately it’s also harder to find proper construction zones, where bunkers and turrets can be deployed.

You can see below 3 images of different areas of Thulkan.

Looks like a lovely place, right? As long as you bring enough bug repellent with you, that is.

- Ricardo Cesteiro


Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since our last “Black Talons” development update.
We’ve been working 200% on the game: adding content, polishing and fixing bugs.
The game has made a gigantic leap since the beginning of the year – all content added, we’re now polishing and perfecting everything to create the experience that we envisioned from the beginning.

One thing that’s been really important to us is to immerse the player in the game. We don’t want the player to just play some battles with lots of gunfire and explosions. Sure, these are cool, but we want to have these little details that make you feel like you’re part of this universe.

A very important part of Black Talons is the Battlecruiser. Like we’ve said before, the Battlecruiser serves as the HQ of the mercenary company.
The original plan was to use a battlecruiser from Gemini Wars. Not because we wanted to go the “easier way” and reuse assets, but because it made sense, as the action in Black Talons and Gemini Wars takes place in the same universe.
But ultimately we decided to create a new ship from scratch. We wanted the Battlecruiser to feel powerful and unique, a mobile stronghold capable of unleashing destruction on its enemies.

And so we present you the “Paladin”, center of the action on Black Talons, and the place to make all decisions:

Below you can see a couple more screenshots. A dropship approaching an unguarded LZ and a squad of soldiers making a brave stand.. but probably about to be shredded to pieces.
If you watch closely, you can see that some of the soldiers are equipped with shotguns. That tells us that this is an Assault Squad, specialized in close quarters combat.

Want to know what happened to these soldiers? Then stay tuned for the next post!
(we probably won’t mention them again, but we have much more exciting stuff to share!)

- Ricardo Cesteiro