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Hey Guys,

Today we want to show you a bit more of the maps and levels that we’re building on Black Talons.
As the commander, the player can accept missions in different planets, each with its own environment.
In the images below, you can see the mercenaries in action in 3 different places: assaulting a village on the desert, fighting on an ice jungle and charging up a hill, and infiltrating an enemy base using the cover of the night.

Detection range and movement speed are two examples of how the weather and environment can have an effect during battle.
Native soldiers won’t suffer the environmental penalties that other soldiers do, so it’s a good idea to have local allies while fighting in a particular planet.

We hope you enjoy the screenshots, and please leave your comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Hello guys,
It’s been a while since our last post. The team has been very busy with the development of Black Talons, and production is coming along nicely.
Aside from gameplay rules and mechanics, we’re creating unique soldiers from different factions, each with their own strenghts and backgrounds.

The Black Talons soldiers can be trained and customized to perform specific roles, but the potential allies present in the Oberon system can bring devastating powers and abilities to the troop roster.
Each one of these factions has their own agenda. Some of them aren’t very nice. Some of them are really not nice. But they can be your allies. Will you say no?

Below you can see some conceptwork of the Eternal Life Cultists and the RGC armed forces, the Revati Tech-guard. Sworn enemies fighting for control of the planet Thora.