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Hello everyone,

Everything is looking good here at the Gemini Sector.

Two weeks ago we made a closed beta release on our forums, and quite a few people got their hands on a beta build of GW.
The feedback we got was invaluable, and we’re now fixing / changing some of the issues that were reported. We’ve been in polishing / bug fixing mode for about 2 months now, but it seems that polishing is never enough.

The most recent feature we added (beta players asked for it), is the possibility to fix the camera to a ship, following it wherever it goes. It was a great idea.

Below, two screenshots of the camera attached to a frigate and to a cruiser. Both ships are travelling in hyperspace between asteroid spots, and the effect around the ships is animated, it looks gorgeous while moving :)


The third screenshot shows the camera locked around a destroyer. Once locked to a ship, the camera can be rotated to check the ship in detail.

The battle camera was also improved and it’s back in action. It’s a great way to enjoy battles.

Another feature the players requested was different symbols per ship / structure class, so this is what’s shown in the fourth shot.

And finally, in the fifth screenshot, are the game’s achievements. A lot of them to be earned!

If everything goes as smooth as it has been, pre-orders should be available soon :)