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The first carriers used by the Alliance navy were relatively small ships – adapted destroyers or small cruisers which couldn’t carry more than 20 to 30 fighters – that couldn’t hold on their own against the larger and powerful USF carriers.
The modernization of the Alliance fleet led to the development of the “Sovereign” carrier – a mobile fortress capable of carrying, recovering and repairing a full fighter wing.

As most carriers,  this ship’s primary strength is its fighter squadrons, but the Niasyn Group’s engineers still managed to place heavy laser cannons and several light laser batteries on its hull, which are capable of keeping most enemies at bay.

Although some older light carriers can still be seen, the Sovereign is currently the main carrier used by the Alliance Navy.

The “Independence” is the prime example of the modern and powerful new designs to come out of the Alliance shipyards.

A large battleship, it’s usually seen leading a fleet. The heavy guns it carries (both laser and the super heavy powered rail guns) are enough to hurt most attackers at long range. Adding to this, the Independence also carries a deadly arsenal of planetary bombardment ordnance, capable of destroying entire cities and bases in minutes.

When fleet commanders receive this battleship on their fleets, they usually make it their flagship.
It’s a symbol of power, honor and respect to Alliance personnel. And a symbol of death and destruction to their enemies.

The “Vindicator” Battlecruiser is one of the most powerful weapons in the Alliance fleet.
Built by Galsec Aerospace, the Vindicator was created to answer the need of a heavy warship capable of disabling and capturing enemy ships.
It features and impressive array of armament making it capable of holding on its own against larger ships, and a full marine company ready to act on both space raids and ground missions.

It’s said that a Vindicator was responsible for the capture of the USFF Mars – a legendary and supposedly invincible USF Battleship. While this is not confirmed by official sources, the tale is widely known: the USFF Mars and its escort had engaged and destroyed an Alliance fleet, but not without losing its own escort and sustaining damage.

One single Vindicator was running tests in a nearby system, and jumped in to pursuit the Mars. Using the element of surprise, it was able to outmaneuver and insert its troops inside the enemy Battleship.
While the marines were not able to capture the ship, they were able to destroy the Mars’ engines and mains weapons, forcing it to surrender.

Although the Vindicator class is only 3 years old, it’s not an uncommon sight among Alliance fleets. Easier and cheaper to build than a Battleship, and able to adapt to multiple roles, it’s currently one of the most requested ship by fleet commanders.

The “Liberty” Destroyer was the first true warship fully designed and built in the Omega Sector.

When the conflict erupted between Earth’s forces and the newly established Alliance of Free Worlds, OmegaTech’s Liberty Destroyer quickly made a name for itself among both allied and enemy forces.

Powerful and fast, it was one of the most advanced ships in the conflict. The Liberty did more than just conquer the battlefield; it conquered the public opinion too, as the symbol of what the Alliance engineering and military could achieve.
Although the first Liberty was build decades ago, it still is one of the main ships of the Alliance Navy.
The ease to maintain and upgrade it with newer systems makes it a valuable asset in any fleet.