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Well, bad news people

Civilization 5 is coming out in September 2010., this is terrible news. This will put a big setback in Gemini, because it’s not humanly possible to continue regular work on our games, with Civilization5 out there. Whyy, oh why Firaxis, Whyyyyyy….

Oh well, looking at the game screenshots, we can see that the game just looks great, and one big visual diference is that this time, if you have a unit of archers, it won’t be a gigantic archer in the map representing all the unit, this time we have many many archers in the hexagon. I hope the game will be as good as the previous, and, let’s just play one more turn :)

City at night

A wicked crime occurred in this city, and everything seems to point to one person..

GUI’s are so much important to a game, that a bad GUI, can simply turn what could be a great game, into a mediocre one. GUI’s in RTS games i think can be tought as bad controls in a FPS game, so┬áit’s that important.

We have been working on Gemini GUI for quite some time, actually this is the third implementation we have in the game. We were never quite happy with our last attempts, mostly the problem was visual, it was functional, but not that catchy. We believe the GUI in Gemini, should have a futuristic and high-tech look, after all if we are controling space ships in the future, we can’t have simple metal buttons.

To the readers that were fortunate enought to see Avatar (great movie James Cameron ;) ), maybe you remember the screens and everything related to computers,keyboards or screen displays. In Avatar they use this kind of blue screens that can be projected anywhere. Well, that’s pretty much what we are doing.

Our GUI i think it looks great, it’s fully animated but not in a way that gets into the way of the player.

In the next days there will be probably a video or some screenshots, showing our “baby” in action.

Cu soon !!

February, new month, new posts :)

Making a game is a lot of hard work, you have to divide the work in small pieces, work it, polish it, until it’s nice and shinny.

It’s like, taking the snow out of a car., like the snow cleaner :)

Take a look :

In a more serious note, Carriers have arrived..